On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Little love family decided to celebrate it along with the underprivileged ones. Diwali 2019 saw the second edition of The Diwali fair. We at Little Love India believe that every child is beautiful and unique and has the right to be educated and make their live meaningful. The Diwali Fair was started under Project SHIKSHAM last year in order to make these young kids familiar with how to deal, handle and negotiate the customers. The children not even just sold the Diwali products but they were the ones who made them along with our volunteers. The event took place at Chandan Nagar Slums, Indore on October,20 2019. The keen young ones were so creative with the Diwali articles ranging from diyas to paper lamps to eco-friendly paper bags. The event was highly encouraged by the indoreans and many came forward to lend their hand for the betterment of these young children. There is no doubt that this event was a great success for us.